Fundalum is a company specialised in customised aluminium injection and machining, with 20 years of experience manufacturing squirrel-cage rotors

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We are specialised in processes for squirrel-cage rotor aluminium injection

Aluminium injection

We are specialists in processes for aluminium injection in squirrel-cage rotors, with the added value of correctly filling magnetic sheet with extreme sections and lengths.

To this end, we have 3 injection machines, with 200 to 660 tonnes of closing strength. Our production capacities provide for manufacturing parts ranging from 50 grams to 14 kilos of machine aluminium injection, and parts that require up to 80 kilos of gravity aluminium injection.

Our commitment to efficiency and quality leads us to be stringent in our aluminium die-casting processes. Thanks to our great experience and the implementing of Lean Manufacturing concepts and engineering in processes, we have managed to reach the highest levels of quality, optimising materials and always offering a flexible service to our clients. This all means that we can maintain long-term relationships, both with suppliers and with clients.

Machine or gravity aluminium die-casting

Machine or gravity aluminium die-casting

We begin by piling the die-cut magnetic sheet based on each client's requirements to eliminate possible cutting oil impurities with tempering. After injecting aluminium, cutting the trough, extracting the guide bolt, inserting the drive shaft, machining the part and balancing it, if the project requires doing so.

Our investment in production excellence is based on working with alloys certified as top-quality in AC-44100, AC-46500 or according to client requirements. We also work with primary aluminium, certified 99.7%. Our commitment to quality means we always work with raw materials that have passed pertinent quality controls, as well as the pertinent analytical certification for the materials.