Fundalum is a company specialised in customised aluminium injection and machining, with 20 years of experience manufacturing squirrel-cage rotors

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The vast experience we have acquired since our beginnings means we can work with customised aluminium injection for highly diverse sectors, always with top quality in all our processes and materials.

Our know-how, service, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance and quality have made us worth of important recognition in different kinds of sectors, including lifting, mining, ship, renewable energy, metallurgy, etc., with internationally accredited clients.

At Fundalum, we work on customised aluminium injection with the guarantee of always offering you a completely finished part, ready for assembly, whichever the sector we are working for may be.

Aluminium rotors for lifting in cranes and lifts.

You can find our rotors all around the world, and in different sectors, such as renewable energy and lifting.

Aluminium rotors to lifting in cranes and lifts, mining, the renewable energy and metallurgy sectors