Fundalum is a company specialised in customised aluminium injection and machining, with 20 years of experience manufacturing squirrel-cage rotors

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Squirrel-cage rotors

At Fundalum, we work with aluminium injection in squirrel-cage rotors with the guarantee provided by over two decades working on producing rotors. Thanks to our efforts and work in the sector throughout all these years, we are leaders in know-how for manufacturing aluminium rotors as an electric motor component.

We offer a comprehensive, quality squirrel-cage rotor production service with a <1% rejection rate, with customised service for each project we tackle. Our motto is to guarantee quality in both the raw material we use and in our production processes. Thanks to this, the aluminium rotors we inject at Fundalum can be found in different sectors all around the world.

Gravity aluminium injection to manufacture squirrel-cage rotors

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